Barefoot by the Sea: Winter Wreath DIY

Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Wreath DIY

January is always a tough month for me from a decorating perspective. After going full-tilt with the Christmas decorations, everything is sort of a empty. I talked Friday about the fact that I've been doing a lot of purging, scaling back and refreshing my decorating as well. One place I've always sort of struggled is our front door. After being adorned with a beautiful evergreen wreath through the holidays, it definitely looks plain. This year, I decided a Winter wreath was in order but didn't want to get one that would break the budget. 

I'm trying hard to re-purpose things I already have, this is also a time of year when we like to tighten up the budget a bit. November/December definitely is a month where we have more excess and we're left feeling a bit "hungover" from all the spending. Does that makes any sense? Basically we had an amazing time but after the party, it isn't always pretty. All that to say, re-purposing is definitely economical! I like the idea of giving my home a face-lift with items that I already have or perhaps finds at a local thrift shop. 

This winter holiday wreath was so easy! I snagged this wreath from Target's Threshold line when everything went 90% off after the holidays. On a sidenote, the weeks right after Christmas are the best times to score deals on their holiday merchandise. Their clearance structure is typically 50%/70%/90% and it happens fast so you have to check often. This year I actually called a couple times to see what their price structure was on their clearance items. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I scored this wreath at $2.99, 90% off! Walmart also sells $.96 basic spray paint colors: black/white and I usually have a few cans on hand for DIY projects. All I needed to do for this wreath was to liberally apply the white spray paint and give it a "snowy affect". I used a simple silver wreath hanger that I already had on hand. I was pleased the way turned out in my door doesn't look as lonely anymore.

This project is so easy, anyone could do it. I've seen wreath forms at thrift shops, even the dollar store and it would be simple enough to wind vines or interesting berries or foliage around the wreath form. I also love a more natural and rustic look too, anything goes!

What kind of things do you do to dress up your front door or give your home a bit of a makeover this time of year?


  1. That was a fantastic deal! I've seen a few spray painted wreaths lately, and it's making me want to pick one up! We don't do a whole lot of decorating, for holidays or otherwise, but that's something I'm wanting to change in the future!

  2. I LOVE your wreath! I have put away all of my Christmas decor, except for the wreath on my door. I feel like the door looks naked, so leaving up the old is better than nothing for now!
    I soo miss going to Target for the after Christmas sales. I used to live less than 5 miles from Target, now it's 40. Oh well, keeps in budget better being out here in the sticks :)

  3. I love your wreath. It is lovely and perfect for the winter season.
    I have birch, evergreen branches and some sticks in a galvanized bucket on our front deck. All free! I found the bucket in a dump! The birch branches and evergreen are from the woods on my parents property.

  4. P.S. I was cheering for Tom Brady...I was sad the Pat's lost. Will he be back for next season? I am thinking he may retire soon.

  5. It's so pretty! I need to take down our Christmas one and do this!


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