Barefoot by the Sea: Weekend Wrap Up and Spring Fever!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up and Spring Fever!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I'm not going to lie, we spent the bulk of it outside and enjoyed every bit. We didn't get a ton of things accomplished but it was wonderful to just be outside in the 60°, sunny weather. We did a lot of walking and the girls did a lot of bike riding. It's amazing how much fun the simple act of writing a bike can be after taking a few months off. We finally put away our ice rink that was never used and it's safe to say we all have Spring Fever! 

With that, I'd be lying if I told you I had anything spectacular to share on this Monday. We did "Spring Forward" and set the clocks ahead which meant I felt like I was playing catch-up the better part of yesterday. With less than two weeks until Easter, i'm getting things ready for that and figuring out what needs to be decluttered next. On a side-note, I did get to go through my mess of toiletries and extra cosmetics over the weekend and basically purged a bunch of old nail polish and things I'm just not using. Why am I holding onto dried up, orange glittery nail polish anyway? 

I hope you're off to a wonderful Monday my friends! I'm often running and definitely feeling like an extra cup of coffee is in order for today! 

PS: Last week I shared this recipe for Lemon Coconut Chia Energy Bites, they were perfect for our active weekend!


  1. Uggh today is rough for me too! Being out of town for a whirlwind weekend and coming home to DLS...not a good combo! I'm easing into my Monday and thinking about Easter as well. I can't believe it's less than 2 weeks. Should I put up my decor or leave the St. Patty's day stuff up? I will probably do some Easter decorations since I have so many and I need to purge so it will be a good time to do it. Happy Monday my friend!

    1. You guys had one busy weekend! I'm glad we can just Easter focus now! What a mashup of holidays this year!

  2. Happy Monday!!
    Crazy DLS! I honestly think we need to say goodbye to changing the time. Just leave it alone, everyone hates it!

    Have a great week! And may we catch up on the hour we lost. Can you tell who misses her hour of sleep. Ha! ;-) xx oo Carla

    1. So glad I'm not alone! I think we're almost catching up!

  3. I am so with you on just being outside! I didn't accomplish much out there, but just puttered around and enjoyed the fresh air!

    FYI.... lots of clean-eliminate-purge going on thanks to your inspiration!


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