Barefoot by the Sea: DIY Cleaning Wipes

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

DIY Cleaning Wipes


If you read here for a while, you may or may not know a little known fact about me…I love to clean! I mean, I REALLY enjoy cleaning and the feeling of accomplishment and a clean house, a flawless bathtub, a shiny refrigerator. There's something about vacuuming, wiping down my counters, folding laundry, dusting and tidying up that makes me feel at peace. Truly, it's tough for me to settle or sit with dishes in the sink. Yes, a blessing and a curse! Anyone who knows me likely finds it irritating that I like things taken care of before sitting and socializing. I can socialize AND put away the dishes, can't I? I'm not trying to make you feel uncomfortable, I just want these things tended to and then I can really relax. Sorry friends, it is what it is! Am I the only one?

So, as you can imagine, I love a good DIY cleaning tutorial! When I came
across the idea of making myown cleaning wipes, I had to give them a try!
More economical than the usual suspects, using a essential oil and vinegar, why not give them a try? I was happy to see they were as easy to make as they are to use!


  • Paper towels
  • Container 
  • Vinegar
  • Essential oil
  1. Cut your paper towels in half and
  2. Insert into your container.
  3. Mix 1/4 cup white vinegar with 1/4 cup water and 6-8 drops of essential oil.
  4. Slowly pour vinegar/water mix on the paper towels, allow time to absorb and continue to saturate.
  5. Eventually the towels will pull away from tube in center
  6. Pull cardboard out and remove
  7. Pull paper towels from the center through your containers opening
I found that this was a great cleaner for Windows (lots of doggie prints) and stainless steel handles and fingerprints

These are much more economical than the brands out there and much more environmentally friendly!

One more thing, if you are interested in learning more about doTERRA essential oils, Healthy Appetites! offers health coaching and incorporates oils into their practice as well! You can check out Healthy Appetities here!


  1. Can you come to my house then? I hate cleaning.

    But I do love an environmentally friendly product! This is genius.

  2. I don't love cleaning but I like the calm of a clean house!! I can't settle if I have dishes in the sink either. As long as you don't pull out the vacuum cleaner when your guests are still there (a certain family member does this!!), I don't think tidying up a bit is bad thing. These wipes sound awesome and no harmful chemicals!

    1. I was surprised about how well these work - just be sure to add the essential oil, the vinegar is strong!

  3. I don't necessarily enjoy cleaning, but I will admit that having a clean space makes me feel super accomplished, ha! Hate to do the work, but love the result, so I really *should* do the work more ;)
    I've debated making something like this before, but have yet to do so. Most of my cleaning is done with a vinegar/dishsoap mix with crocheted cloths, and that normally does the job. Though I would like an actual -wipe- from time to time (as in something that is a tad more saturated with cleaning fluids!).

    1. It does give you a great sense of accomplishment, probably another reason why I enjoy it!

  4. I am the same way!!! I swear we could be twins...I think I have shared that before. LOL
    My husband and kids have learned to just let me is how I am wired.
    The wipes sound like a great idea.

  5. oooh, that is such a clever idea! I'm not huge on cleaning, but I'd like to try this.

    1. These work better than expected and are pretty economical!

  6. Looks like you are the minority in the "love to clean" camp, but more power to ya. My daughter likes to clean and I am so happy that she did not get my messy genes. I just saw something similar to this on Facebook, but it didn't show the instructions like you have here. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  7. I used to be like you! Farm life has changed me though, or age?! Hmmm. I really thought it was farm life until I just now considered the age factor!
    I love having wipes on hand, so will have to try this!

    1. Too funny Kris - but I bet if I worked on my own farm is be exhausted and cleaning would have less appeal!


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