Barefoot by the Sea: Good Gravy! and a donut...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good Gravy! and a donut...

Head on over to Good Gravy! Handcrafted Designs - where they make the most elegant and special paper products! The items reflect personality & style.

Good Gravy! is giving away two free sets of personalized flat note cards to one lucky winner! The winner gets his or her choice of any of the designs in the shop, and they are throwing in free standard shipping, too. Simply visit Good Gravy! to check out the great items and be entered into the giveaway.

Best of all, when you enter they want you to say who you would write to first if you win AND your favorite donut. I don't know about you but thinking of my favorite donut is a fun way to get through the most hectic, crayon written on walls type of days! Mine? Chocolate covered with sprinkles....get on over to Good Gravy! and tell them yours!


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