About Me

I left my job in Corporate America to pursue my dream: changing diapers, cleaning the house, doing dishes, getting tons of sticky kisses, teaching and exploring with my two children on the New England coast. My kids keep my days full of love and life. They're growing fast these days and I'm trying hard to soak it all up!  I'm happily married my hubby, who loves Star Wars, Stephen King and his girls (me included). We've been together for over 20 years and he helps me stay grounded. There are days when I feel like I've got 50 balls in the air and I can only catch one...he's there to catch some of the others. We make a great team. I love the life we have made together and although we have our days (I'm told we all do), I am ever grateful to be this blessed and fortunate.
I am a New England native who loves the the coast, freshly laundered clothes, rainy days and watching my girls have their special moments. I blog because I needed an outlet and enjoy sharing my life - crafting, parenting, venting and cooking. I love the opportunity to connect with other bloggers and Barefoot by the Sea is the perfect opportunity to it!
There are many things in life that I adore (peanut butter, laughing, Target clearance, Christmas Eve and family), this blog focuses on my favorite passions: motherhood, crafting, shopping, decorating, cooking and daily inspiration. I love your comments - so please visit often and thank you for sharing your thoughts, life and words.

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