Barefoot by the Sea: Why?

Friday, January 22, 2010


I like to think I keep a tidy house.  Nothing super extravagant but clean and orderly.  So, when we acquired our third (yes, third) tent over the holidays, beads of sweat appeared on my brow.

"This is a tent for the bed", I was told.

Well guess what?

My sassy one would prefer not to sleep inside of something, because then she couldn't see her puppies and her puppies "protect her" at night.

"I would prefer to use this as a tent", she insisted.

...and guess where this tent resides?  My bedroom, of course! My peaceful, calm, sanctuary where I can go if I need to escape from it all.

So, this is where I'll go to escape the madness of everyday but I'll close the curtains of course!

Enjoy the weekend everybody!
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  1. just wanted to throw in a rolling on the floor laughing at this post :-)

  2. This made me laugh, too. I'm glad I'm not alone because the same kind of things happen to us all the time.

  3. Oh my! My daughter would ADORE that tent! We currently have one set up in the play room. What a wonderful wintertime diversion!

    I'm delighted that you all enjoyed the soup. It's quickly becoming an easy favorite here -- especially now that we're buried up to our eyeballs in snow.

    Thanks for dropping by...


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