Barefoot by the Sea: Don't trust the impostor

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Don't trust the impostor

Yesterday, we read that "the groundhog" (Punxsutawney Phil) is the only weather forecasting groundhog...the others are simply IMPOSTORS

In honor of Phil and the hope that he'll bring us an early Spring, we're baking up a batch of these groundhog cookies that we found at Penzeys One.  

We also learned that receives a drink of a magical punch every Summer during the annual Groundhog Picnic, which gives him 7 more years of life.  Read more about him here
Interesting...I wonder what's in that punch!  
We also spent some time yesterday making our very own groundhog puppets. Super easy and fun, this little activity will ensure that (at least in our house) he will not see his shadow and will signify an early Spring.  

Why would he stay in there anyway?  He's probably searching for more of his "magical punch". 

Happy Groundhog Day! 

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  1. The puppets are adorable. What a great cold-day activity!


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