Barefoot by the Sea: The "Lick"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The "Lick"

"Problem Hair: Cowlicks - In case you are not sure what it is, a cowlick is a little tuft of hair that tends to be unruly and will tend to pop up anywhere. If you have one, you know exactly what it is and probably have waged your own hair wars with the dreaded wild hair.  No one is exempt from the dreaded cowlick."  (From

Our little Miss certainly has been gifted with this special hair trait.  She carries this with style and personality.  We tell ourselves, "it will eventually flatten out" but will it?
Oh, and we'll address the other style she sports on another day.  Hint:  She's all business in the front, but party in the back ;)


  1. I laughed out loud at "business in the front, but party in the back!"

  2. cute post...kaylin has 2 in the same place i have them...crazy how that happens!

  3. ohhh the blonde hair! So cute. It will flatten out eventually-have faith.

  4. That is too funny! She is so adorable though!!

  5. soo adorable! Thanks for all the blog love (as always!) I am so ready for spring!

    Kim @

  6. ha ha!! That is so funny!! I love it. My husband had some pretty wild hair as a child, and luckily all our kids passed it by! :)


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