Barefoot by the Sea: Snowy, sparkly sticks

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowy, sparkly sticks

Days around our house (like your house) are a little crazy.  Two little ones keep us busy and constantly going.  Back in December, I felt pretty good to have pulled our house "back to normal" after the holidays.  The tree came down shortly after Christmas Day and the rest of the decorations came down right after New Years.  

I felt pretty satisfied once things were back to normal....or so I thought.  Over the past weekend, I came across some reminders of holiday 2009 that still remained...

So, until next year...
With two girls around this house, I'm certain there will be more glitter!


  1. I'm embarrassed to admit that we accidently left a wreath hanging off our house until just the other day. It became like wallpaper after a while and I we didn't notice it anymore! But really, how bad is that!?

  2. Hi Jessica!

    Sorry for all the confusion. I am 4kennedys, Funky Vintage Kitchen & Butterflies! I am combining my 4kennedys blog with my Funky Vintage Kitchen blog right now to start streamlining all of my stuff to one place. I wanted a place to post both family and creative business items and decided that it needed to be under my business etsy name. Butterflies is a fun blog that I started just to post pretty things. Short, sweet posts and I have a friend help on that blog, that is why it is linked on my FVK/4kennedys blog. is still me just a different banner name! Hope that helps!



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