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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sure, she looks innocent enough...

My first little girl was a pretty happy baby.  Calm, quiet and easy.  
So, when I found out I was pregnant with baby girl #2, I felt a sense of relief.  "Wow!" I thought to myself, I know what to expect.  I have all the clothes, I'm familiar with the demeanor of a little one, the drama of an older one.  Sugar, problem.
This will be easy!
The problem is, I actually believed it....I believed it in the way I believed my very first boyfriend was THE ONE, the way I believed that Winters in the Northeast wouldn't be that bad and the way I believed that stretch mark cream would really work.  
Boy, was I wrong! 
This little one is different...she doesn't just keep me on my toes but my tippy toes.  Sometimes I wonder if she seeks out opportunities to make my life a little more difficult.  
  • "Why keep the cup on the table when it could magically roll on the floor?"  
  • "Bananas are much prettier smooshed on the wall!"
  • "Who needs paper when you have the top of the toliet to color on?"
  • "I'm pretty crafty and can manage to not only unscrew the top of the toothpaste but also stick my pinky down the hole to get some of that minty goodness." 
  • "New outfit or not, it looks prettier with my jelly and waffle accessory." 

Her newest talent?  She tells me to "TOP" (aka Stop).  I was singing a jolly little song in the car the other day and she shouted out, "TOP!"  So apparently "The Wheels on the Bus" just isn't to her liking.

Yes, she will be my one....the one to challenge me, keep me running, give me a few extra wrinkles and early grays.

There are so many wonderful moments and, I must say, that when she settles down for quiet time, she really sleeps well and for that, I am grateful.  Her sweetness and smile makes it all worth it and for those quiet times, I have my other little girl who will keep me on my tippies as well. 

Have a great day everybody!


  1. I pretty much lost it at "coloring the top of the toilet seat."

  2. Wow- you fell for that old trick too! My second girl would be my last had she been the first. :o)

  3. Ooohh, your 2nd dd could just be the mirror image of my 2nd ds. I've got a nickname for him "Dennis the Menace". He's destroying something EVERYDAY, can't keep your eyes off him for a minute! How about crayon markings on a fabric wallpaper of a friend who's kind enough to babysit him for free. Hmmm, he's yet to smoosh bananas(his fav fruit) on the wall yet.

  4. Well, sounds like everybody has a #2 that isn't as easy as we thought!


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