Barefoot by the Sea: 40 days left?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

40 days left?

We received a letter home from kindergarten last week.  The letter looked like any of the other letters that we've  gotten from our little community school.  I sat down to read about the past week's progress and there, glaring back at me, I read, "There are only 40 more days of school left.  This year has passed quickly!"  


Now, to most people, they would have taken it in stride.  For the rest of the day, I kept repeating that sentence in my head and then started the conclusions:

 1st day of kindergarten, Fall 09

  • "She's almost in first grade."  
  • "Next year will go by even quicker because she'll be busier." 
  • "Then she won't need me." 
  • "Before I know, she'll be in fourth grade!  Then Sydney will be in KINDERGARTEN!" 

Then, I decide it's a great idea to look at some old pictures (while listening to Elizabeth Mitchell) and then, of course...the tears start to flow (and flow and flow and flow).   "When will this get easier?"  I think to myself.  "When will I not be so sad that another year is flying by?"  (I hear those people everywhere in my head saying, "when she's a teenager."  Really though, I can't imagine a time when I won't be a basketcase and miss every little piece of these early and special years.  They go by SO quickly.  Then I'm reminded of one of my very favorite quotes, "The only thing more fleeting than Summer is childhood."  

Yikes....I think I need to wrap this up and go listen to somemore Elizabeth Mitchell....


  1. This gave me chills and made me teary. You're goes by too quickly!

  2. That's part of the reason why I chose to homeschool...can't bear to miss those special moments! My son is turning 3 in 120 days and don't know where the past 800+ days went.

  3. Sniff, Sniff, I am right there with you! I love Eliz Mitchell too. I saw her with her daughter and husband in concert in Northampton and when her daughter came out to sing with her I could not help but cry. It was beautiful!

  4. Thanks a lot! And this just a couple weeks before Emma turns 2...on the upside i will have another little one in just a few short months!

  5. This made me so teary--it is unbelievable to me that I will be taking this same "1st day" picture of Ceci next year. Where does the time go?


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