Barefoot by the Sea: Is that olive oil on your lips?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Is that olive oil on your lips?

As we approach August, I'm thinking of delicious, homegrown tomatoes, fresh red onion and feta.  On these humid Summer days, what is better than a giant, delicious salad with fresh veggies?   If you're a protein lover, why not throw in some grilled chicken or shrimp?
I discovered that one of my favorite blogs, Clover Lane, also has her own recipe blog.  I came across this delicious recipe for Greek dressing that I just had to share!  
Greek Dressing so good you could drink it straight
1 cup olive oil
1 cup red wine vinegar
2 1/2 tsps. garlic powder
2 1/2 tsps. dried oregano
2 1/2 tsps. dried basil
2 tsps. pepper
2 tsps. salt
2 tsps. onion powder
2 tsps. Dijon-style mustard
Mix together and shake well. Store at room temperature tightly covered.
Thank you for this photo, Clover Lane.  

Hope you all enjoy the upcoming weekend.  My hubby will be home after a week away and we are looking forward to a relaxing weekend of no plans!  Horray for that!


  1. yum! all of our tomatoes are just starting to turn, so excited!

    hugs! Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. Yummy, yum! This looks and sounds amazing! :]

  3. so totally not fair that I can't have feta right now! thanks a lot for this post!!! The dressing looks great though, definitely will be in the rotation in another week :-)

  4. I have been loving a recipe close to this. I put some avocado in mine! Love it!

  5. The recipe and the photo are extremely enticing!!!

  6. Just blogging around this evening and found your blog. That is certainly a great looking salad.

  7. Yum! That looks like a perfect summer dinner! Yummm Feta!

  8. wowza that salad looks delish! psst-check my blog tomorrow. i may have tagged you:) happy weekend!


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