Barefoot by the Sea: Ok, so maybe I'm not an expert gardener...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ok, so maybe I'm not an expert gardener...

I had good intentions, really I did.  I wanted a lavish garden that would feed our family all Summer long.  I debated between a raised bed, container garden or just a traditional plot.  I researched, I called friends, I blogged about it.  Then life got in the way (it has a funny way of doing that, don't you think?)  So, we settled on tomatoes, watermelon and cukes.  The watermelon and cukes are iffy, though we're working on a swift vegetable rehabilatation program right now.  But, our tomatoes are happy and producing ripe little beauties - perfect for Summer salads and freshly plucked by tiny hands. 
The look on the girl's faces is priceless when they approach the plants and see the goodies they've taken care of all Summer long.  That makes it all worth it.  So next year, our garden will be bigger - no really, I swear!


  1. awwww it IS a great feeling to watch them get so excited!

    p.s. extra hugs, been drowning this week!
    Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. Hey, consider it a victory that there are tomatoes! All I have is mint. Boo!

  3. Now we know why we pay so much for the CSA- gardens are hard work!

  4. good pic of the tomatoes! My tomatoes never grew, so, kudos to you!


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