Barefoot by the Sea: Affordable & Fashionable = DownEast Basics!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Affordable & Fashionable = DownEast Basics!

Many of my friends out in the blogging world have praised the fantastic and fashionable clothing available at DownEast Basics.  I first took notice of this fantastic shop after reading all about them on 30 days.  When I checked out their site I was shocked that it was so affordable.  The stuff reminds me of some items I might see in Anthropologie or another boutique quality shop. With a new season (happy Fall, by the way), it's time to add a few pieces to 'ol wardrobe and DownEast Basics offers several pretty new arrivals.

Check out one of my favs, the Grecian Goddess Dress.  This dress drapes beautifully and would be so pretty for a special occasion.  The rayon/spandex material flatters many sizes and for the bargain price of $34.99, you may as well buy a couple!
I also love this green olive pin-dot skirt that would be adorable with a white t-shirt and some flats, great for the Farmer's Market!  Did I mention it is $29.99? 
I also love this fully lined, cotton poplin Picture Perfect Skirt.  It's unique and pretty and only $26.99! 

I'll be the first to admit that my kids have a more fashionable wardrobe than I do.  Downeast Basics may change that, with a full range of clothing including accessories, bags, denim, tops, tees, camis, special occasion and bags.  Everything is around $30 and that's the regular price, not a sale price!  The sale prices start at $5.99.  
What I love most about the brand?  They are
  1. Affordable
  2. Stylish
  3. Fashionable

DownEast sent me along this adorable Infatuation Cardigan in Chateau Grey.  
I was immediately impressed with quality, it looked and felt expensive.  The color is a beautiful light steel gray which looks fantastic with jeans or a black pair of pants.  The simple and pretty details include a subtle ruffle along the neckline that made the cardigan just a little special.  It's slim fit was pretty and the medium was true to size.  For $32.99, I can't find a thing that I don't like about the sweater.  It will be a good Fall addition to my wardrobe!  I'll be back for more DownEast, sooner rather than later. 

Check it out, you won't be disappointed!


  1. Oh, I loove DownEast! Their clothes are definitely adorable - I can always find something I'd wear. :)

  2. I just ordered from them over the weekend! I love their stuff, but I do have one beef with them: there's never enough inventory. I'll go to purchase an item after two weeks of receiving the catalog and POW: my size is out of stock (and I think I'm a fairly *standard* size). Kinda frustrating, but their clothes are indeed super cute.

  3. Ooo, those are wonderful! I've really been in the shopping mood, since it's finally dropped below 90 here, hehe. Thanks for sharing :D

  4. Hey thanks for sharing. I never heard of this one before. I just checked them out and I like this skirt how girly is that? :)

  5. I love them as well...and I have the same beef as Lelan does...they don't have enough inventory on new items...always out when I am ready to buy.

    But, them!


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