Barefoot by the Sea: Heading back in time...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Heading back in time...

As an advertising major (not that it got me too far), I've always been fascinated with what makes a product sell.  Think of the ads of today, perfectly airbrushed, glossy and beautiful.  After flipping through some '50s magazines, I realized how far we have come.  Back in the day, did these advertisements really make people buy the product?  

There is just something about this goosebump-y chicken that screams:
"Go vegetarian!"
Apparently the '50s were the height of convenience food.  
The key is "dinner in a can", YUM!
Heaven forbid being caught with the dreaded "Tell-Tale mouth!
I read these mags for hours, it was really fun!  Tomorrow I'll tackle some of the other things that caught my eye...stay tuned!   

Oh and don't forget to keep your man happy today ladies!
(written like the editor of Women's Day, circa 1949)


  1. I was an advertising major too! I love looking at those things too! So funny what used to be the "norm"

    hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!
    party inspiration

  2. I love old advertisements but you're right about that chicken...eww!

  3. haha i was a marketing major and loved my advertising classes! I actually wrote a paper on the advertising of politics through intro of tv and i loved looking at old magazines and pictures! have a great day:)

  4. Oh what a trip down memory lane....I do have fond memories of our advertising classes. We had a lot of fun didn't we!!!

    Look at all of us advertising majors!! Too funny!

  5. These are too fun! I would absolutely LOVE to live in the 50s... what a darling decade! And I agree... chicken is not nearly as appetizing after that picture!


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