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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Saying goodbye our favorite farm

One of our favorite local farms around here will be soon closing and it makes us very sad!  We recently went over to the farm, where I've watched my girls every season look at the flowers, pumpkins and Christmas trees and were met with empty shelves.  At first it was subtle but now, it's clearly disappearing before our eyes.  The shelves are becoming barer each week. 
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Of course to the farmers, this is their livelihood and farming as we know it, is disappearing at alarming rates.

Tuttles Red Barn is the oldest working family farm in the US.  Operating since 1630, it sits on conservation land that can only be used for agriculture but to what extent, nobody knows.  After reading a bit more about the sad state of farming, these facts struck me:

  • From 1982-2007, more than 13 million acres of farmland in the country was lost to development, according to a recent survey by the United States Department of Agriculture. Texas lost 1.5 million acres during that period, while Massachusetts saw a 24 percent decline in farmland — fifth highest among all states.
  • From 2002-2007, more than 4 million acres of farmland in the country was lost to development, according to the latest federal figures. During that same time period, Maine lost 8,700 acres, while New Hampshire lost about 3,000 acres.
We can only hope that someone will purchase this farm and use it like it has been previously used for so many years.  If you're interested in reading more about the history of Tuttles, you can check out the book of the farms history, available at bookstores.  If you are interested in learning more about the future of our food and the farming industry, take a peak at some of these documentaries...I dare you
Just eat your meal before you watch these documentaries....


  1. WHAT?! I didn't know it was closing. Sad...

  2. I have seen all of these except Big River, that will be going on my list :-) It is sad to see how much farm land is disappearing. Hopefully the local food movement will continue to get bigger!

  3. It is so sad. It makes me want to cry. Our children and grandchildren will most likley never see a farm except for in books. It is the price of greed, laziness, and ignorance. I hope more people will become aware of just what it is we are losing. Thanks for posting, sorry about the loss! :-(

  4. I'm a farmer's daughter. It's a hard life. All I can say is buy locally as much as you can. Search out the "Tuttles" in your own area. You'll be healthier and your community will benefit as well. Visit your local farmer's market and buy food that is in season. It's so much yummier.
    So sorry to see that this lovely place is closing. We lost my favorite little grocery store (independently owned and operated) this past summer. It has left such a gap in our small community. :(


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