Barefoot by the Sea: Free download for your spooky Halloween festivities!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Free download for your spooky Halloween festivities!

Attending a Halloween party this weekend?  Check out these great recipes, sure to please!  I love the recipe for the eyeballs, they sound fabulously gross!

A Barefoot Activity for Kids
Create these easy to make healthy veggie treats that are sure to scare your party guests.
1. Peel the tomato skin, as you would a potato. Cut the skin into small pieces.
2. Cut each olive into 4.
3. Cut a very small sliver from an end of each cheese ball.
4. To assemble, take a toothpick and push it through the cheese (cut side up).
Thread the tomato and olive onto the stick and then use your finger to carefully
push the tomato and olive into the soft cheese, to make it look like an eye.
Presto, you have bloodshot scary eyes.

Here's another version I found at Suzie The Foodie, the sweet variety...

Head here to download all these fantastically spooky recipes and Happy Halloween!


  1. these are great, Jessica! we are actually having a kid friend Halloween party tonight ;D

  2. Great ideas! eyeballs are always spooky!!
    Happy Halloween!

    p.s. come by my blog to see a scary site! (not for small ghouls) ;)

  3. love these! thanks for the recipes!

    HOpe you guys had a great halloween!

    and thank you for the award. YOu are too sweet!


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