Barefoot by the Sea: I always went after pinky!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I always went after pinky!

On the quest to find that perfect Halloween costume, we came across a few retro inspired options that were both silly and scary:

The Greatest American Hero, his blond wig always creeped me out a bit!
The Joni Loves Chachi costume offers something for the love struck teens, if they only knew who Chachi was!

This Mr Owl costume is a wee bit scary, not sure what the girls would think if they saw this giant owl roaming around our street!
In other news, our town celebrates Halloween the night before Halloween.  Don't get it?  Neither do I!  The thought process is that the usual suspects that could cause Halloween havoc won't because it's celebrated the day before.  Hmmmmmm.....not sure I quite buy it.  So, instead of going trick or treating on Sunday night this year, we'll be going Saturday night.  

If you're in my area, I'll see you out there...I'll be the one dressed as a giant Pac Man ghost (not really but I had to give a shout out to Clyde, the orange one.)
 Have a fun day!


  1. Too funny! Considering I broke my pinky toe about a month ago and STILL cannot wear close toed shoes....I should DEFINITELY be pinky!!!! ha. Have fun...

  2. So fun! Love them! Thanks for following me, I returned the favor!! Can't wait to read more!

  3. The "Greatest American Hero?!" That is an awesome costume, though, I'd prefer "Mr. Goodbody." Remember him?!

  4. you had me cracking up with that owl roaming the streets bit! ;0)
    so funny:)

  5. yeah that blond wig creeps me out too!

  6. so fun! what great ideas...i love finding that perfect costume!


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