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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let THEM decide

Some girlies around here are super excited about the big holiday that is right around the corner....of course, Halloween!  Every year I try to "encourage" various costume choices and then I need to realize it really isn't what I want them to be.  I remember the years I went trick or treating and am certain that my Mom's first choice for me wasn't the plastic Snoopy costume that ripped half way through the party.  It's all about what they want to be, within it me or do so many of the little girl Halloween costumes look....mature and inappropriate?  I'm being generous here!  I recently saw a Strawberry Shortcake costume that looked very appropriate for Las Vegas but not Strawberryland.

Etsy has some excellent options this year, here are a few of my favorites!

I absolutely love the creative shop, Lover Dovers!  I love the girly details of this Alice dress...
and this Little Red Riding Hood costume
Something very strange and indisputably creative going on don't see too many adult pterodactyl costumes around!  Check 'em out at Missnessamonster
 Perfect for your super boy from Flingamo Designs

How cute is this little football costume?  Custom made at Ventichai's shop

Whatever they decide, I want to make sure that they choose because someday they may have no interest in dressing up on Halloween (sob).  For now, it's up to them.

What are your kids going as this year?


  1. My daughter wants to be Toadette, and my son wants to be Killer Croc. . .I miss the days of princesses and super heroes, but at least they still want to participate. Thanks for sharing those fun links ;D

  2. i agree to let the kiddos decide but within reason. i would not want them dressing up like a vegas showgirl:) (like you mentioned) eek! :(


  3. I think we are going to be a unicorn and a princess/fairy of some sort. I agree some of the costumes are pretty racey!!

  4. Oh my gosh that little red riding hood costume is ADORABLE. I'm seriously totally in love. I want to make one for my niece!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  5. how cute are those! i love the capes and oh my gosh the football in the last one for a baby... sooooo sweet.

    Noah is going to be a mummy i guess. I found some $5 mummy pj's that are just too cute so we are going to go with that i guess. He doesn't really care at this age and any costume we do buy him he probably wouldn't want to wear. I thought this would be perfect this year because they're comfortable and he can wear them through the year. hehe what are your kiddos going to be?

  6. Waverly is a fully-clothed pink skeleton of sorts, and Griffin REFUSED the awesome dinosaur costume I picked up for a whopping $7 at a consignment shop. "Refused" as in literally flying into a blind rage screaming, "NO DINO! NO DINOOOOOO!" I swear, that kid sometimes. So, apparently, he's going as a nutball because that's how he's been acting these days.

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