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Monday, October 25, 2010

The not so freshmaker...

Inspired by a recent post over at Good Gravy! all about the half years being a wee bit....challenging, I thought I'd share a few memorable highlights of this past week:
  • Auntie sent a pack of tiny circle stickers our way a while back, Sydney recently re-discovered them and I've found them scattered all over the floor.  She knows that we stick them on paper but when I questioned why she chose a different canvas she simply stated, "I like them better there Mama!"  
  • Although it's been quite chilly around here these days Sydney is insistent that she wears flip flops.  Of course, she isn't interested in wearing her own, only her sisters or mine, which are obviously enormous on her tiny feet.  We've settled on some fleece lined Crocs for now but I fear the footwear challenge everytime we leave for an outing!
  • We recently went to a local mom & pop run pharmacy and I innocently grabbed a pack of Mentos.  Sydney clutched onto them as tightly she could.  When I tried to get them back from her, it was so tight that the pack split in half, Mentos flying all over the register area and hit the clerk off the cheek with one of the white mints (those suckers are hard!)  The clerk didn't say a word....not a smile, not an acknowledgment.  It went like this:
    • "Would you like these in a bag?" 
    • I glanced at the counter and the remaining scattered candies and said, "No thanks".  
    • "Ok, that will be $1.29"
 (photo from

Gotta love that!  So, I left that store with babe in hand and not so fresh breath...


    1. That is a riot! A very Jessica story!! LOVE IT!

    2. I hate mentos! and grumpy cashier's!

    3. haha love it! Sorry I've not commented in awhile... been dealing with allergies and a toothache so I've gotten really behind. I hate that! Trying to do some catching up today. :)


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