Barefoot by the Sea: Should have installed those solar panels...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Should have installed those solar panels...

Loving this Fall weather, we had an opportunity to spend a little time at a local farm this past weekend.  It was a great way to get back to nature and unplug for an afternoon!  We enjoyed visiting some animals, a cup of hot apple cider and a tractor ride.  

This little goat was eager to have any shred of grass she could nibble on...
We are determined not to put on our heat until Nov 1st......or, I should say that someone in my household is determined to accomplish that goal.   

Can we all please burst out a collective, HA!!!!

It's Oct 5th and we're freezing....any guesses as to when the 'ol thermostat will be cranking?  Remember, we live in the Northeast so we're not strangers to chilly temps but it does get mighty icy on these first days of Fall!

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Let the games begin! The great contest between our households has begun! I don't remember who gave in last year and turned the heat on. . .

  2. We have the same "rule" in our house too! I get around it by doing a lot of cooking and warming up the house!!

  3. i second the baking :-) great way to warm up the house...or maybe the extra pounds i tend to pack are the real help!

  4. yummm apple cider!

    I actually turned on my heater yesterday. but then I turned it right off after I set off my smoke alarm. Haha I freaked out!!

    So I just threw a couple blankets on me instead. I sure am loving the colder weather though. It's so nice!

    I've missed reading blogs.. just now catching up. I was without internet for 2 days because our service accidently got cut off. It was driving me crazy!


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