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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Breaking News!

Riley made her very first potholder puppy blanket a couple of weekends ago.  She has long wanted to construct a puppy, rug or blanket with her own little hands.  She suggested I tell all my "computer friends" about this very important matter.  Note to children's weaving loom companies: although orange and white are great, kiddos also enjoy pinks and purples too!

I have to be quiet now, Lucky is resting...


  1. What a cute story :) I remember making those potholders myself, a very long time ago... !

  2. She's so creative, just like mommy ;).

  3. super cute! i love watching their creative minds!
    happy thanksgiving!

  4. Adorable! We just bought a little loom. The kit we got did have quite a few and purple included! Check Walmart!

  5. There is a place to get the exact colors you want!


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