Barefoot by the Sea: Coffee vs Tea

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Coffee vs Tea

I love my coffee! Each morning it greets me as if to say, "I'm here to help!"  Lately, I've tried to find alternatives to my morning cup and no matter how hard I try, it's just not the same.  I love the aroma of coffee on a chilly Fall day, there is just something comforting about it!  However, my family gave me this lovely tea kettle for my birthday so I've been trying hard to put it to use.  We've had hot cocoa for the kids and use it for oatmeal...
Now, if I could just get this tea thing going, I'd be all set.  Any recommendations for a good cup?
This Tazo tea was tasty but although it promised CALM, it left me wanting to make a run to Starbucks!  What's your favorite coffee place?  Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are the big rival around these parts.  I'd love to hear your fav!


  1. Mmmmm, Starbucks. . .I am sitting here at the kitchen table lovin' on my cup o' joe as I type. I need the joe to make the day successful, hehe ;)

  2. My fav coffee of all time is Peet's Coffee (I used to frequent it in Boston). I settle these days for brew-my-own Peet's, extra bold!

  3. For a good cup of tea, always start with fresh water in the kettle and bring to a rolling boil.
    Steep (let the teabag sit in the cup) for 2-3 minutes depending how strong you like it. We drink ours with milk and sugar (my Mom is from England and we were raised drinking tea--still love it!) Enjoy!

  4. Starbucks is dangerously addictive! :) I like fruity teas, like peach or blueberry.

  5. I am a Peet's addict.
    When Peet's isn't on sale I settle for Starbucks.
    Both home brewed and strong :)
    Just one cup please and it must be fresh.
    I do love tea, but it cannot replace my morning coffee. It is something I like to enjoy to relax.

  6. i malaysia there's a tea called frangrant tea normally used by villagers in remote area. i like those.

  7. I'm currently trying to get off my coffee kick and have started with a hot apple cidar. It's very festive for fall. (Still not like my coffee, but it's good.)

  8. Coffee -yuck. Large diet coke with ice and a straw baby-you know where I buy it!! hee hee

  9. I {heart} Coffee! In a big way! I love it at home with International Delight Pumpkin Spice Creamer, I love it at Starbucks -Grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte please, I love it Dunkin' - Pumpkin Coffee with cream and sugar...........oh man, I want coffee now.

  10. I never was a big coffee person until the past year, now I am really on it big time! use your tea kettle for Starbucks VIA (yum! their instant coffee)... As for tea, try something more fulfilling like flavored roobius with a little milk... yum!

    hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!/Party Frosting!
    party inspiration

  11. i used to be a barista at starbucks and have never been a fan of their drip coffee but a latte-sure! i love dunkin donuts coffee with coconut syrup, half and half, and 2 splendas. OR flavored coffee from a local coffee shop. I feel like a grumpy pants without my coffee and I too enjoy having a hot coffee in the morning on the train to work or on my days off on the couch while I read my favorite blogs:)

  12. the only coffee i like is Starbucks. Which I could use some right now. I'm freeeeezing!


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