Barefoot by the Sea: Don't read this extra post

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Don't read this extra post

I won't tell you that I want you to head over to the Vintage Pearl to win one of their fabulous new designs, just in time for Christmas.  I won't tell you that the fabulous handstamped jewlery is unique and beautiful, that the vintage baby feet necklace would be a lovely gift for a new Mom or how I'm wishing that my hubby would stumble upon this post and suprise me with this... 

....because I want to win!!!

This Thanksgiving Eve, I'm thankful for these lovely little pieces and just the chance to win one!


  1. haha you're funnY! i won't head over there so you have an extra chance to win. :P Im asking for a necklace for christmas. :) Plus I usually don't enter those giveaways because the chances of winning is not very big. BUT good luck to you! There is always a chance. :)

  2. And I hope you DO win!!! You deserve it. I better go get on my Christmas Barefoot Books Shopping....Christmas will be here SOON!!!


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