Barefoot by the Sea: Dream on Princess!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dream on Princess!

We have a current obsession facination with princesses around our house these days.  I don't remember Riley getting into them this early but Ms Sydney certainly knows every song, every princess and most days, walks around in full Princess attire.  

Right here, she's wishing for her Prince!  

Should I let her know that her Prince might not ever replace a roll of toilet paper or take out the garbage?  
Nah...for now, I'll let her dream!


  1. Ha ha! It's good to be blissfully unaware sometimes. :)

  2. Definitely let her dream!!! Layla is such a fan of Princesses and Horses too! What happened to Cabbage Patch dolls and Barbies? LOL.

  3. So sweet! It looks to be a different world for me raising those *princes*. I will teach them well, I hope ;)


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