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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Finding that perfect gift....

This past Spring, we took that spur of the moment trip to Disney and loved every minute of it (well, except the plane ride and our trip through Logan Airport!)  So, when I was searching for possible gift ideas for the family this year, I contemplated traveling.  Another trip?  I would love it but no, new luggage!  Two wheels actually popped off of our carry on suitcases making the trip through the airport even more difficult with two kiddos. 

I decided to check out what options I would have and discovered that luggage sets are super pricy!  Then, I discovered one of CSN's stores and found that there were some affordable and great pieces of luggage!

I'm loving this Beatrix Potter Wheelie Bag with free shipping!
Check out this and more by visiting their website and all the possibilities.  Off to do more Saturday shopping!

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  1. whoa! hold the phone! I love that owl suitcase. do you think i would look foolish rolling that around though?;) probably. ha! ;)gina


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