Barefoot by the Sea: that you?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 that you?

This past weekend, we took at trip to visit my Mom and we also visited a local mall.  It was hot, crowded and just not the nicest place to be on a Saturday afternoon.  From a distance, we spotted the "Santa Spread" full of glittery snow and red decorations.   Riley has never been a big fan of seeing Santa in person but Sydney, was very excited to go greet him. 

We made our way through the crowd and finally got up close enough to see there sat Santa, in full Santa suit....and a WOMAN.  I'm all for equal opportunity but this seemed a bit odd to me.  Was I the only one disturbed by this?  Under Santa's hat was a full mane of red hair, in pigtails!  This didn't seem to bother Sydney, who just said, "Santa Lady" and luckily Riley was far enough away to not be bothered but still, I thought it was a little odd and I stacked it on the list of 102 reasons to NOT visit the MALL SANTA!

Next year, we'll visit our local greenhouse when Santa visits or just stick to our imagination!  Even though I explained that Santa was just very busy time of year, I would prefer if Santa did not look like one of the girls in the Victoria Secret Holiday Edition ads.

On a similar note, have you checked out the Portable North Pole?  The girls were amazed when they both received personalized email videos from Santa! 


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