Barefoot by the Sea: Slowly...

Monday, December 27, 2010


Getting back to "normal" around here.  School vacation is in full swing and so is a house full of sick kiddos!  Our Christmas was wonderful and it's never fun to get back into the groove so it may take a few more days for us.

So, bare with me this week as I'm slowly reminding myself what it's like to get reorganized and back into a routine. 

Hope your Christmas was super sweet.  2011 (yikes) here we come!

Have a great Monday!

....did you get all that you wished for?  I got a lovely necklace with the girl's names from The Vintage Pearl.  Horray!!! 


  1. i got my wish, well almost all of it except the part i wanted longer december holidays not granted.... slowly reality checks in.

  2. eek! I hope you don't get sick too! Enjoy the holiday break-I know I am:) I am glad to hear an update from you-:)gina

  3. Day One of school vacation and I already have maaaajahhh cabin fever.


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