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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Now at the family cinema...

Back in the day (before kiddos), I considered myself a movie afficianado.  We saw every new flick, including all the Oscar contenders and even threw little Oscar parties, complete with ballots and special Oscar worthy drinks for all my friends.  Since 2004 came along, we've been known to see on average, one movie a year.  If we are lucky enough to grab a date night, we opt to go to dinner instead.  This past weekend, we watched (gasp) FOUR movies - two as a family and two as a couple.  They included:

Tangeled - We opted for the 2-D version and although I was hesitant to take my two year old, she loved it and watched most of it.  The music was pretty and the story was adorable, I'd recommend it to anybody with little ones.  The "mother" is a little scary but I didn't witness any screaming kids at the 10:35am showing. 

Despicable Me - Cute story about a man who is trying to still the moon but instead gets his heart stolen by three little orphans who are sweet, sassy and funny. 

Knight and Day - Hummmmm.......Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in a red (hate her) bikini.  Enough said.  Unrealistic spy action movie, shot in Boston, which gave more appeal to us.

The Town - Gritty, VIOLENT, great....did I mention VIOLENT?? 

I think January and February are great months to lay low and reconnect with the family.  We'll be trying to sneak in more movies over the next couple of weekends.  Any suggestions?


  1. i loved Tangled and I am kiddo-less:) I actually went by myself and had a blast:)

  2. Great reviews! ;) I have been wanting to take the boys to see Tangled.
    I agree w you, I can't stand Tom Cruise or Cameron Diaz, can't believe he's still making movies!
    Havnt' heard of The Town, sounds like it might be right up our alley, I'll have to check it out!
    I have really been wanting to see The Swan w Natalie Portman! We tried to go on New Years Eve but it was crazy busy and I am NOT a big movie theatre person when it's shoved full of people, heebie jeebie city!!! ;)
    So funny, we never get out to the movies either since having kids. I'd rather go out ot eat or play!

  3. Despicable Me was cute. I have the new Tinkerbell if you need to borrow it! For the kids of course not the adults!

  4. I love Despicable Me! It was great. I haven't seen Tangled yet, but my hubby and daughter did. I haven't see the other two. Thanks for the follow. I am now following you back.
    I love your title font. :)


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