Barefoot by the Sea: Budding artists and the boss...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Budding artists and the boss...

Dad sometimes selects random gifts on his travels.  These are some recent additions to the family that inspired some fantastic artwork.  I love to see their progression, it's amazing!

Riley spent a long time making sure she got every detail down...
We were impressed with the finished product!
Never to be left behind, Sydney matched her frog's color perfectly but got a little bored and decided froggie needed a rest time.  (I love how the 2 year old boss takes charge!)
I feel so blessed that I have two little artists that live with me, giving me priceless art on a daily basis!


  1. Hey Riley did a great job! I like her perspective. And I like Sydney's reason for finishing :)

  2. That is great! I love kid drawings.

  3. so cute! i'm very impressed with their work! :) that's sweet of their daddy to bring home gifts. im sure they love that. :)


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