Barefoot by the Sea: Force it!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Force it!

In the dead of Winter, I plant paperwhites all around the house so that we'll have an abundance of pretty white flowers.  Not everyone is a fan of their scent and so I decided to try hyacinths this year.  My friend gave me a pack of bulbs this past Fall and after throwing them into the refridgerator for 6 weeks to "fake" Winter, I promptly filled mason jars with pebbles and placed the bulb in, filling it with water at the base of the bulb.  About 3-4 weeks later, we had pretty Spring flowers all around the house.  It worked!  I think hyacinths are perfect flowers for Spring so I'm getting some more planted ASAP and this time, we'll try purple and yellow!

You can also force crocus and daffodils are other easily.   Read more about forcing bulbs here


  1. Those are so pretty. That would be a neat idea to bring spring to the inside of your house, even if the outside hasn't caught up yet :)

  2. What a beautiful burst of color! Can I still do this? Is it too late? I know nothing of planting flowers...will have to look into this though :-)

  3. Gorgeous bring pink flower! Oh, how I wish I didn't kill plants. So pretty!!!

  4. I think that is beautiful!!!!

  5. oh i'm so jealous...that looks like what i need right now! LOVE the bright color!


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