Barefoot by the Sea: I've hired a house cleaner!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I've hired a house cleaner!

Well, not exactly...
I'm feeling super lucky these days, as Sydney has become very fond of CLEANING!  She begs to help me dust, do laundry, empty the dishwasher and mop the floors.  We tackle each task together and have a darn good time doing it!  It's these special little joys that I'll look back on and miss so for now, I'll enjoy every second of my little Rosie (aka the Jetson's maid).

No worries, she still enjoys making little messes too!


  1. i need her to come visit me:)

  2. i need her at my place! how much does she charge? :)

  3. I think little girls are the best little maids we could hire!!! They try to copy just how we clean!!!

    follow me

  4. So sweet! I have 3 boys so opposite of help here! ;)
    my baby is a girl tho, so we shall see if it's a gender thing... *crossing fingers ;)


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