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Friday, April 8, 2011

Sushi for kids

By March, we were in a bit of a lunch funk around here.  The school year was in full swing and my brown bag lunches needed a new spark, so after being inspired by one of my favorite kid friendly recipe blogs, Weelicious, I felt recharged and ready to conquer!  Ok, maybe not the case, but I was ready to make some alternative lunches that my girls would gobble up.  This was one of the hits and they both,  ages 2 and 7, keep asking for.....

(ok, so perhaps my presentation needs a little work but you get the idea)
Not your traditional variety, of course, but a fun take on it.  Super easy and healthy and fun to roll!

1 tortilla (I use wheat) or 1/2 piece whole-grain lavash bread (or 1 whole-grain tortilla, edges trimmed to make a square)
2 tablespoons nut butter, you can use peanut butter, almond butter or even nutella for a special treat
3-4 strawberries, chopped (may substitute grapes, bananas, or other fruit) or in a pinch, use jam or jelly.

Lay the tortilla or lavash bread out on a flat surface. Spread the peanut butter evenly over the bread (won’t be perfect; just do the best you can). Place the strawberries in a 1”-thick row about ½” from the long edge of the lavash bread (if the bread is square, use any edge). Starting from the side with the strawberries, tightly roll the bread into a spiral. Press the edge gently to seal the roll. If necessary, add extra peanut butter along the seam to seal the roll shut. Cut the roll into 1” pieces (about 10 pieces total). Place the pieces cut side-up on a plate so they resemble a sushi platter.

I make these A LOT!  Other ideas include cream cheese and fruit or jam, nutella and fruit for a special treat and 2 tablespoons of hummus in place of nut butter and strips of red bell pepper in place of strawberries.

I was inspired by this recipe


  1. what a GREAT healthy treat i can make my kids!

  2. Cute ideas! HaaHaa, love the fish ;)
    Try mini pizzas on whole grain English Muffins with veggies and Canadian bacon. My kiddos love that surprise in their lunch box.

  3. Super cute idea! I'll have to try these out soon.

  4. I need some new ideas too! Thanks for the tip.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Sorry it took me some time to respond... I've been swamped and finally got a moment to reciprocate. I'm following you now via GFC.
    Thanks again for visiting my blog.


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