Barefoot by the Sea: Welcome April!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Welcome April!

Just wanted to officially welcome my newest sponsor, Funky Vintage Lovely.  Specializing in handmade and vintage items for home, baby and you, this shop has a little bit for everyone!  Some of my favs: 

The Blossom Fabric Flower Ring in La La Lovely, no two are alike!  Love it!
The Lizzy Apron in Turquoise Love, how very domesticated!
This Sweet & Simple Blossom Necklace in Mustard makes an affordable and lovely gift!  Check out all her lovlies, so hard to choose!
April, the owner and designer also runs a pretty little blog of the same name (check it out here), where she dicusses everything from what she wore, marriage (check out her weekly series, Dear Dave & April), relationships, children, home, garden and so much more.  Her posts are candid, honest, funny, quirky and real.  I've had so many laugh out loud moments!

In a couple of weeks, I'll be doing a very special feature on Funky Vintage Lovely, but for now, I just wanted to welcome my newest sponsor! 

I am so happy to have you here!

Psst...don't forget to like Funky Vintage Lovely on facebook and twitter to get all the latest shop news!


  1. Love all of the items showcased above!

  2. Just found your wonderful blog while reading Gwen's. New Follower!!!

    - Jessica

  3. Thanks for the sweet welcome! So glad to be here.


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