Barefoot by the Sea: $85 bucks to fill the 'ol tank...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

$85 bucks to fill the 'ol tank...

Scare tactics, perhaps.  But, when I have seen newstory after article detailing predictions that gas may go up to $6, yes SIX DOLLARS a gallon by Summer, it made me come to the realization I need to start being smarter with our family budget. 

I'll admit it,  I like to drive, I like to go to the beach, get groceries, visit friends, take vacations.  I've become dependent on my vehicle to get be from point A to B.  The other day I put ten bucks in my car and it didn't even make a dent.  So, I'm going to look for alternatives to conserve gas whenever I can.  This includes:
  • Eliminating mini trips for errands, instead, I'll consolidate when I can
  • Walk whenever it's an option
  • Try to carpool with friends when possible
  • Continue using coupons, available all over the place these days, to save money on groceries, etc.  Saving on other bills will help my wallet when I'm paying $85 to fill the tank.  Some sites I check out regularly include
  • The Krazy Coupon Lady and Jessica's Coupons, which will tell you what the deal is and what coupons you can use to mazimize your savings
So many of us are feeling stretched to the limit these days, what tips do you use to save money?


  1. I feel your gas pain. My light just came on last night again...and I don't want to know the bill, since I just put $60.00 in last Friday...where oh where did all that gas go?

  2. I spent $87 the other day and about fell off my seat! is good too!


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