Barefoot by the Sea: Good, good EGGS!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Good, good EGGS!

Never having been a huge egg fan, over the past six months I've really discovered how much I enjoy a good omelet and the versitility of this inexpensive form of protein!  I'm actually starting to master omelets and my family couldn't be more pleased!  They are pretty healthy and offer great versitility!  Here are a view of my favorite variations...

Hands down, #1 fav....Spinach, Mushroom and Feta, which gives a very balanced taste and layers of flavor, love this one!
Also love the Mexican omelet, using fresh and chunky salsa along with colby jack cheese, the regular 'ol veggie omelet, using whatever I have in the fridge that hubby also enjoys a good ham omelet.  Oh, I also love fresh basil, tomato and mozzerella omelets! 

Check out how to perfect your omelet over at Williams Sonoma and experiment away!  So many variations! 

What's your favorite?  I'd love some new ideas! 


  1. Onion, cheese and mushrooms is my fave! The one in the pic looks yummy!

  2. I love making omelettes for dinner! It is filling, cheap, and can be low cal too. I always make a ham one for my husband too.

  3. Throw in some fresh pineapple with a ham omelette... doesn't that sound like a yummy little surprise for your tastebuds?

  4. I never liked eggs either... Then, I got my first free-range eggs. Amazing! They are so good and nothing like the pale, pasty ones in the grocery. ;)


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