Barefoot by the Sea: Yoga vs Soccer

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yoga vs Soccer

We are determined to have a lazy Summer this year, without a ton of plans or places we have to be.  We have decided that Riley will commit to one camp and they are both running the exact same week this year.  On one hand, she'd love to do soccer camp for the third year in a row however, our yoga studio is also offerring a Yoga Girls Camp, which combines yoga, building young girl's self esteem (so important), a craft and an outing daily to the children's museum, an outdoor concert and other fun activities.  We're so torn. 

Any thoughts or suggestions from my blogging friends are much appreciated!  What can I say?  I have major commitment issues surrounding these oh, so important decisions!


  1. my vote is for the yoga class! Anything (like you mentioned) that can build self esteem and it sounds like it's a mix of a lot of great activities! ... then commit to doing soccor outtings at the park with the family so she can fit in a sport she loves. my 2 cents ... hugs!

  2. Wow the yoga camp sounds awesome.

  3. Yoga!!! I really believe that yoga is great for the body, but also great for teaching you to center yourself, and focus on the present. A skill that will be absolutely necessary as she gets older!
    Dang, I want to go to yoga camp! ;)
    But really, no matter which decision you make, it will be an awesome experience!


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