Barefoot by the Sea: Lovin' My Yellow Yarn Wreath

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lovin' My Yellow Yarn Wreath

I was thrilled a month ago to learn that I had actually won a handmade wreath from one of my favorite blogs, Simply Healthy Family.  Gwen was so sweet to let me choose my colors but in the end, took the bull by the horns and made an executive color decision.  I absolutely LOVE the results!
I love the contrast between the lemony yellow wreath and the beautiful denim blue flowers.  So pretty, it screams Summer (and now my front door will as well!)

Check out Gwen's fabulous blog here, where she shares her favorite healthy recipes, tid bits about her family and living well.  Oh yeah, did I mention, she's a Mama of 4?  FOUR.  And yes, she whipped out this beautiful wreath like nobody's business.

Thank you my sweet friend!


  1. That is quite beautiful. I also love the color combination. I'd love to do a kitchen in those colors someday :)

  2. very cute! did it take a long time to make?

  3. Super cute! What a fun summer decoration!


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