Barefoot by the Sea: Thanks Sweet Teacher!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thanks Sweet Teacher!

This year, we had a wonderful group of teachers that were more than worthy of thanking.  Riley really wanted to make the teachers something, so we settled on Bath Salts for each one, along with a gift card for her main teacher.  Super easy, these smelled terrific and we even kept one for ourselves to test this Summer on a "Girls Spa Day"

Super Easy Bath Salts
Start with about 4 cups of sea salt or kosher salt. Mix in several drops of an aromatic bath oil (available at bath and beauty stores) and, if you wish, dried fragrant plants, such as lavender or eucalyptus. Pour into a jar for yourself or to give as a gift. Use a few spoonfuls of salts per bath; to keep herbs from floating, spoon the mixture into a spice sachet (available at gourmet grocery stores).

These made a great personalized gift this year! 

I got this idea from my sweet friend April from Funky Vintage Lovely.  She makes the prettiest Lemongrass Sugar Scrubs and was so kind to share that recipe.  We most certainly will be trying that scrub out this Summer as well!

What did you get for your favorite teacher this year?


  1. we always do a class gift for the teacher...and since i am the classroom mom...i have to get all of the gifts! fun, but so much work getting them for 4 teachers! ended up with gift cards to a garden shop, dinner out and a cute bucket of flowers! what a great idea!

  2. Wow. Did we mention your amazing? I am definitely making this

  3. I love to make bath salts for people! I'll have to make cute labels next time. :) Following you back!



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