Barefoot by the Sea: As always, I HEART my sponsors!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

As always, I HEART my sponsors!

Thank you to the wonderful sponsors of my little 'ol blog!  I truly love the shops that support this blog and I think you will too!  Check them out here -
Funky Vintage Lovely - Fabulous handmade goodies for gift giving and yourself! 
Playing With Fiber - for beautiful crochet patterns
Little Princess Pea for adorable hair accessories, notecards and more!
Magen's Bay Designs for handmade toys 
Orabelle Baby - Check out the Fall collection for beautiful handmade clothes!
Deluxe Designs for graphic and blog design needs!
Butterfly Orb for the most fantastic and unique mobiles!  Full of butterflies!
Sew Fantastic for handmade accessories and organizers
and, a heartfelt Hello to my newest sponsor, Ali Grace Fashions. I adore this tutu - perfect for a beach portrait! 
Can't you feel the love? 

I look forward to working with each and every sponsor this upcoming month!  Stay tuned for lots of exciting features and giveaways.  Up first, Ali Grace Fashions!


  1. I really adore the first one - precious necklace :)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life Life

  2. Thanks for the love. Right back atcha girl!

  3. Thanks for the follow. Your website is awesome too! Following back! :D


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