Barefoot by the Sea: Blueberries!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yesterday I talked a little about our trip to the farm.  While we were there, we were pleased to see that early blueberry picking had started.  The girls were eager to eat pick their favorite fruit!  It was a beautiful morning, not too hot and the orchard was empty - the perfect spot for three ladies to start picking and dreaming of fresh blueberries and all our blueberry treats.  I know the early blueberries (bigger) aren't for everyone but we happen to love them and how easy they are to pick.  We managed to get a couple of pounds very quickly!
We ended our day with a lunch under a shady blueberry tree and headed home to make some scrumptious blueberry treats.  Stay tuned tomorrow to see what we made!

1 comment:

  1. Oh I love blueberry picking! They are so yummy when they are big and right of the vine tasty!
    Your girls are adorable!
    I found you over at the Wednesday blog hop :) Hope you can follow back :)


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