Barefoot by the Sea: Super Easy & Healthy Pops

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Super Easy & Healthy Pops

Last Summer, I talked about those easy yogurt pops we make each Summer.  This Summer, we discovered a really easy and delish option, along the same lines.  These yogurt pops combine Greek Yogurt with fresh fruit.  We all love them and it's a treat I feel really good about. 

Some of the health benefits of Greek Yogurt - The straining process they use to make it gives it two times more protein—34% of your daily value-than regular yogurts. Plus it's has 50% less sodium and is naturally lower in carbohydrates.  My favorite, Chobani products are free of antibiotics and synthetic growth hormones (no rBST or rGBH).  It's also important to note that when frozen, the live cultures naturally present become dormant however, once thawed or by your body heat when eaten, they'll become active again.

Our favorite is Lemon Greek Yogurt Combined with fresh blueberries but we also love...
Strawberry Greek Yogurt with peaches
Raspberry Greek Yogurt with strawberries
Honey Greek Yogurt with pineapple

This is a fun activity for the little ones.  Chop up a bunch of fruits and have your kids choose their dream pop!  I find that my kids enjoy their treats more if they've had a hand in creating them!  Enjoy!


  1. Emma LOVES popsicles...I think I need to invest in one of those popsicle makers you have...

  2. Such yummy ideas! Thanks for sharing healthy treat ideas!!

  3. What a delicious idea! I love greek yogurt, popsicles and sweets so this is a great healthy option! Thanks for sharing!

  4. LOVE this! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, following you back :)
    Nice to meet you in blog land. Hope to see you more often!

    Coley at


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