Barefoot by the Sea: Sweet Strawberries? Not so much!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sweet Strawberries? Not so much!

Every year, we relish our first opportunity to go strawberry picking.  The girls absolutely love eating picking for hours while dreaming of strawberry shortcake, muffins, fresh strawberries on their cereal, etc.  So this year we were a little disappointed with eleven pounds of berries that were just so-so.  Water logged?  Yes!  We had a very wet Spring which only seemed to warrent a shorter growing season but we didn't anticipate berries that sort of lacked flavor and were a little soggy. 
Still, we had a fun time picking.  And, I managed to make some smoothies with the loot and a yummy strawberry jam/sauce.  Not nearly as good as fresh (for us) but, it will have to do this year, since I'm hearing that the picking just isn't that great this year.  Onto cherries, raspberries and blueberries! 

***Stay tuned for some yummy recipes this week!  They do not disappoint!***


  1. That's too bad that they weren't all that great... glad you still found something yummy to do with them, though! :) I loved strawberry picking as a kid- such fun memories! :)

  2. Well at leats you all enjoyed the picking!!!!! I love me some I will be looking forward to that one.


  3. Returning the follow. Thanks for stopping by and following me. Looking forward to the recipes you will post!

  4. Returning the follow. Thanks for visiting my new blog!

  5. These photos are adorable! Smoothies are always a nice treat too :) Can't wait to see the recipes! I'm always looking for something fun to make (I'm trying to get better in the kitchen haha)

  6. how fun! i wonder if we have anything like that around here??? Noah LOVES strawberries right now. i need to check. sweet pics!


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