Barefoot by the Sea: Weekend Report and Cookies!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Report and Cookies!

Happy to report that Hurricane Irene hit us as a Tropical Storm yesterday.  It was windy, very rainy and we did loose power all afternoon but overall, she was a lot more gentle on us than many others on the East Coast.  I'm hoping for a swift clean up for friends and family who didn't do as well.  I'll be spending some serious time today cleaning up the limbs and leaves while the girls enjoy another beautiful (late) Summer day. 
I did manage to make some delicious and healthy peanut butter cookies before we lost power yesterday and will share the recipe later in the week.  It's a goodie though and a hit here - sorry to report no pictures though, they were gone too quickly.

Speaking of cookies and cravings....I'm happy to report that Heather was the winner of the giveaway from The Cravory.  She said, "I think definitely birthday cake cookies sound to die for! Although I am intrigued by pancakes and bacon..."  Lucky girl, she gets to try a beautiful assortment so she can sample a bunch of different flavors!  Please email me at so that we can arrange all the delivery details AND be sure to check out The Cravory to order and like their facebook page here to get the latest details on new flavors, sales and all that fun stuff!  Thank you to the great friends over at The Cravory for hosting this giveaway!
Oh, and be sure to check out their cookies of the month - the Pecan Potato Chip caught my eye!

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That's all from here - hope you ALL enjoy your Monday, sad to say the last one in August!

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  1. Congrats to Heather! Those cookies look delicious! And I'll be waiting for the peanut butter cookie recipe. Those are my favorite kind of cookie!


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