Barefoot by the Sea: Fall is in the air

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall is in the air

Usually by this time of year, I'm more than ready for Fall. It's my favorite season, I love apple picking, harvest festivals, crisp air, raking leaves and enjoying all the wonderful farmer's bounty at our local markets. This year, I was feeling sentimental (I know, AGAIN?) about time and how quickly it's passing. Faced with another first day of school, I held my head high, put a smile on my face and set the 'ol alarm clock for 5am to make sure I was ready for "the big day". 
It started with a new "back to school charm", a tradition I started a couple of years ago.  This year she got a pink poodle in a sparkly purple trinket box.
Followed by a family breakfast of tropical mango granola and fruit.  
A photo shoot, well wishes and lots of kisses.
And one family VERY proud of their SECOND GRADER!

Lucky for me, Dad brought her into school, Sydney and I waved at the window. We smiled the whole time. Sydney looked at me and said, "I'm going to miss Riley, Mama" and as tears filled my eyes, I said, "Me too Sydney". Sydney grabbed my cheeks and responded, "Don't worry Mama, she will be back soon. Now, let's go do Play-doh!"


  1. It is tougher on us!! Olivia is always pointing to every bus she sees and says "Is that Abby's bus, I want her to come home now" Heart breaking!!

  2. Great memories. Cherish every moment!


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