Barefoot by the Sea: Flower Necklace Tutorial

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flower Necklace Tutorial

Inspired by a tutorial over at Mandipity, we decided to try our hands at a pressed flower necklace.  A few simple steps warrants a great craft and a pretty necklace.  The girls want to make these to give away as Christmas gifts (shhhhhh.....)

What you'll need - 
Pressed flowers
Pendant tray with glass insert
Glue - clear drying jewelry 
Chain, Cord or Ribbon

1.  Gather some pretty flowers (we used some of the flowers we had in our outdoor pots, in purple and pink)
2.  Press the flowers, face down (be sure not to crinkle them) in a thick book so that they'll dry out.  We actually used a board book and it worked really well.  You also may want to place it between wax paper or a tissue to protect the inside of your book. 
3.  Experiment with various types of flowers - it's always a surprise to see the color they'll dry out to be and they are delicate so you'll want extras.  The prettiest little flowers living may not be as pretty dried so keep that in mind.  Smaller flowers work best as well, since it's for a necklace.  Leaves work too! 
4.  Let the flowers dry for at least a week.
5.  Remove the stem from your flower (optional) 
6.  Now here is where we got can adhere your flower to a piece of cardstock, which looks more complete - simply glue the flower onto the cardstock or you can glue your flower right onto the pendant tray and then add more glue to the top of your flower so that the glass will adhere to the tray.
7.  Let your glue dry for at least 24 hours, or as your directions specify and put something heavy on top of the glass.
8.  Add your ribbon, cord or chain and enjoy!
It was a fun craft - we made a few different ones and both the girls have been wearing their necklaces proudly!


  1. These are adorable. What great gifts they will make!

  2. Beautiful Tutorial. Would you mind if we shared it (ie linked to it) from for our Saturday Tutorial Day?


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