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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Free Shipping on Barefoot Books and A COUPON!

My daughter is becoming quite the reader these days.  She loves it and I'm so thankful that is the case!  Right now she is loving Nancy Drew, along with several others that I see her with at all hours of the day.  I was pretty thrilled to see that Barefoot Books finally jumped on the new readers chapter book bandwagon and came out with their own line.  It includes:
The Snow Queen, by Sarah Lewis
In this adaption of the Hans Christian Anderson Classic, where an evil troll creates a mirror that reflects only the bad sides of people.  Shards of glass enter a young boy and cause him to reject his loving family and best friend, Greta.  This story is all about Greta's adventure to rescue her young friend from the icy palace of The Snow Queen.  Appropriate for ages 8 and up, this book is beautifully illustrated by Miss Clera.  This Paperback Chapter book is part of the Barefoot Emergent Readers Line.

The Terrible Chenoo - from North America
They also have come out with the Monster Series that includes stories from all around the world including The Terrible Chenoo from North America, The Mother of Monsters from South Africa and The Feathered Ogre from Italy.  At $7.99, these chapter books are inteded for readers ages 6-11.

In addition to some of their early readers titles, they've added some wonderful new items including one of my favorites, The European Sticker Collection, which allows children to create their own stories using Europe as the backdrop.
If you are interested in browsing these new titles, head over to Barefoot by the Sea, click on "Shop" and "What's New" or just look around at these lovely books, puppets, cds and products for children of all ages. 

Place an order through my website here and receive free shipping on your order of $60 or more!  Plus, email me at before you place your order and I'll be happy to send you a coupon that will give you an extra 20% off your order!  It's a great time to stock up so email me and get shopping! 


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