Barefoot by the Sea: Monday, Monday....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday, Monday....

We started school on August 31st here and we're finally getting into the swing of things.  Not sure if I'll really ever be "ready" for schedule mode but we're working on it!  
Sydney certainly misses her big sister when she's gone all day so we've been busy working on crafts, baking, dancing, reading and everything in between.  If I could only get 12 more hours a day for "everything else" I'd actually get something accomplished around here!

Happy Monday!


  1. 12 more hours...yes...if you find those extra hours can you send me a few? Thanks :-)

  2. I would love some of those spare hours too!

    I'm glad to see that the school year has started well for you all. Your daughters look so happy! I love their sweet floral dresses.

    Best wishes for a wonderful week,

  3. It really does take a while to get fully adjusted to the new schedule!


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