Barefoot by the Sea: Pardon Me While I Grab My Vacuum (Again)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pardon Me While I Grab My Vacuum (Again)

I don't quite remember when Riley mastered scissors but I do know that Sydney is DETERMINED to master this skill ASAP!  She spends hours cutting, pasting, cutting again....and I'm left with a load of paper scraps that would make any industrial sized shredder envious.  The other day I found the itty bitty scraps in my plant pot, a couple stuck on the ice maker and of course inside the baseboards (a favorite "hiding spot" around here). 

She keeps me on my toes....and at least while she's around, we can rest assured the world won't go entirely digital just yet.  At least not until she gets this skill down.  So, excuse me while I go grab my vacumm again....and again...and again.

That's right - being a stay at home Mom is certainly glamourous! 

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  1. you should take all those little bits of paper and put them in a blender with water and then flatten on a screen to make your own paper :-) good recycling, and fun craft to do as well!


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