Barefoot by the Sea: Are your pumpkins prepped?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Are your pumpkins prepped?

Have you noticed pumpkins are getting more CRAFTY these days?  Back in the day, I'd spend about 20 minutes disecting one and be pretty proud of the typical triangle eyes/nose and smile.  Sometimes I'd really go out on a limb and try for a scary faced pumpkin...again, with the token triange eyes/nose but with a round mouth.   These days people are all about their pumpkins.  So, we decided on a pumpkin decorating morning, complete with glitter, paint and gems. 
Keep in mind, Sydney is 3 so it's a work in progress but we were pretty happy with our glittery pumpkins.  Never fear, if you come to my house trick or treating this year, I'll still have an old school pumpkin to greet you - or maybe even scare you!
Have you carved your pumpkins yet this year?


  1. Great job! We haven't carved ours yet. Hopefully tomorrow night after dinner. And roasted pumpkin seeds.

  2. cute pumpkins! yes we carved our pumpkin last sunday... and it's already starting to fall apart. :( but it looked good for a day or two. We just did the pretty basic pumpkin face. people really do get pretty creative carving pumpkins!

  3. Awesome pumpkins! We can't carve pumpkins this year and I'm so bummed out! I still love the old school pumpkins too :)



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